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Available Ranges: Electrolytic, Radial Lead, Axial, Box, Dip, Screw Terminal, MPP, Snapin, Lug Terminal, X2, Tantalum, AC, Ceramic, IGBT Snubber and 5mm pitch Capacitors. 


 Available Brands: Keltron, CTR, Rescon, Advance, Pilkor, Samwha, Weidy, Vishay, Alcon, Lelon, Hitano, Desai, Topmay, Sungho and Tenta.



Available Ranges: Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Zener Diodes, Fast Recovery Diodes and Power Diodes. 


 Available Brands: CDIL, Fairchild, NXP, LGE, Takumi, NSL, Mic, Yangjie, Vishay and Eris.


Fuse & Fuse Holders

Available Ranges: Glass Cartridge Quick Action, Slowblow, Automotive Fuses, Semiconductor Fuses and Fuse Holders.



 Available Brands: Ei, GSE and GCA.


Instrument Cooling Fans

Available Ranges: 40X40X10mm, 40X40X20mm, 40X40X28mm, 50X50X10mm, 50X50X15mm, 60X60X15mm, 60X60X20mm, 80X80X20mm, 80X80X25mm, 92X92X25mm, 97x94x33mm, 120X120X38mm, 172X150X51mm, 1 Inch, 2 Inch, 2.5 Inch, 3 Inch, 3.5 Inch, 4 Inch, 4.5 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch, Ball & Sleeve Bearings, 12vDc, 24vDc, 48vDc and 230vAc. Fan Grills.                                                                       

 Available Brands: Hicool, Sunon, Takumi, HXS, China, Rexnord and Hi.

LCD Displays

Available Ranges: Alpha Numeric 16x2, 16x2L, 20x4, 20x4L, Graphic 128x64, 240x64, 320x240, Yellow Green, Blue, COG, and TFT.


 Available Brands: Winstar, JHD and China.


7 Seg Displays

Available Ranges: 0.5, 1, 4, 6, 8 and 12 Inch 7 Seg LED Displays, 5mm, 3mm, Round, Oval, Square, Red, Green, Amber and Blue LED's.


 Available Brands: Imported.



Available Ranges: IGBT Modules, Diode Diode, SCR Diode, SCR SCR ( Thyristor ) and 3Phase bridge rectifiers. 


 Available Brands: Semikron, Infineon ( Eupec ), Mitsubishi, Crydom, Fuji, Naina Semiconductors ( NSL ) and SI rectifiers.


Available Ranges: 20A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 64A, 80A and More...






Available Ranges: Carbon Film Resistor, Metal Film Resistor, Ceramic Encased Axial Resistor, Fusisble Resistor, Potentiometer, Radial ceramic and silicon encased, Shunt Resistor, Silicon Axial Resistor, Silicon Radial Resistor, Wirewound Resistor and Aluminium Housed Wirewound Resistor.

 Available Brands: Keltron, Raj, CRC, Pankaj, HGR, Mega, GEI and Pavan.



Available Ranges: Rocker, Toggle, Micro Switches. Slide, Push Button, Thumb Wheel Switches, Key Switches and Circuit Breakers. 



 Available Brands: Gilard, Teknic, Calonix, Elcom, TSH, China, Haitong and Vital. 


Terminal Block (PCB Mount)

Available Ranges: 2way, 3way, 5way, 7way, 9way, xy126, xy128, xy129, 45/2, 45/3, 75/2, 75/3, 508/2, 508/3, xy2500, PCB Mountable, Pluggable and Screwless combicon Terminals.


 Available Brands: Xinya, Vital, pheonix and Pixi.


Terminal Block (Panel Mount)

Available Ranges: 2way, 3way, 10way, 12way, 15way, PP Type, PL Type, HBT R/A, PVC Strip Type Terminal, HT3.


 Available Brands: Soynia, Vcon, GSE.



Available Ranges: Low, Medium, High Power Relays, Solid State Relays (SSR) and Relay Sockets.


 Available Brands: Kyota, Leone, Takumi, Premier, AP, Gilard, Sunhold, Rayex, HKE, Omron, Huike and NEC.



Available Ranges: We have a wide range of Thyristors.


 Available Brands: All Top Brands



Available Ranges: Metal and Plastic package


 Available Brands: CDIL, Bel, ST, Fairchild, Infineon and Mitsubishi.


Varistors - MOV

Available Ranges: We have a wide range of MOVs.


 Available Brands: ZOV, Bright King, CNR, TVR



Available Ranges: We have a wide range of Buzzers. Continuous, Intermittent, Melody, 5v, 12v, 24v, 230v Ac,


 Available Brands: Indian and Imported



Available Ranges: We have a wide range of IC's


 Available Brands: Fairchild, SST, NEC, ST, Micrichips, Texas, Atmel.



Available Ranges: Banana Plugs, Banana Sockets, Brass Metal Connectors, Burg Strip, Extension Board, IC Base, Power Socket, Holders


 Available Brands: Gilard and Others.



Available Ranges: Soldering Irons, Project Boards


 Available Brands: Takumi, Solderon


Heat Sinks

Available Ranges: We have various sizes of Heat sinks.


 Available Brands: From best source




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